What is The Hoskinsons?

The Hoskinsons is an NFT parody art exhibition that commemorates the Cardano platform while exploring and criticizing the sociocultural implications of technology, fanboyism, and the commodification of art through the lens of late twentieth-century popular culture.

How can I buy or sell a Hoskinson?

Visit our official Discord for auctions, escrow, and an active marketplace.

We are also available on CNFT.io.

The Hoskinsons Community is a community-run marketplace with searchable database, price statistics, and rarity information.

How do I know my NFT is unique?

All NFTs in the Hoskinsons collection were minted using a time-based script that locked on 13 June 2021 to ensure no NFTs could be minted at a later date. The policy ID hash for the collection is: e986d38f4ead45a4f909cb51d61d8d95efc72b12d9302cdd040974d1

Information on all NFTs minted under this policy can be viewed using a blockchain explorer like cardanoscan.io. Each NFT contains metadata that follows the 721 standard linking to a unique image permanently stored on IPFS.

How many Hoskinsons were minted?

10,000 were minted on 15 May 2021. The policy is now locked, and no additional Hoskinsons can be created.

How rare is my Hoskinson?

A rarity chart with distribution of all characters and items is available. In addition, the full metadata used to generate all NFTs is also available.

Additional rarity and pricing information is available at The Hoskinsons Community, a community-run marketplace and searchable database.

What is an NFT?

A nonfungible token is a unique cryptographic token permanently stored on a blockchain. An NFT can represent a unique piece of art, analogous to an original painting, signed baseball card, numbered limited-edition print.

How can I see my NFTs?

Pool.pm displays a graphical representation of your NFTs given a receive address from your wallet.

What are your policy IDs?

Each native token type on the Cardano platform is associated with a policy ID, which can be used to distinguish a genuine token from a counterfeit one, as it is not to use someone else’s minting policy without having access to their wallet secret keys. Additionally, some minting policies are time-locked, and cannot be used by anyone after a specified slot. Entering a policy ID in a blockchain explorer like cardanoscan.io will return more information about the tokens minted under that policy. In addition, each NFT minted under the same policy has a unique asset ID. Current valid policy IDs include:

  • The Hoskinsons:
  • The Timeless Art of Decentralization: bb1555e0c2e3fdf057a628c08e3e7d0ea16004e08c8d68670f636b32
  • Man in Library: 899f355ac4222fefb0be7b05dd4766e95ce2e0dabed82c7ec56beb90
  • Warm Sunny Hoth: b1a60dbc60615e35dca949745b7fa15ceac192249fdaed486e5d43db
  • Hosk Pool:
  • A Fistful of Ada:
  • Linda:
  • The Sleeper Has Awakened:
  • The Hoskinsons x Cypherkicks: 007b00831b8018ecd9717c0802b860c3e3b0b666661cd568dd8659cf

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